Central Devo Team

The mission of the USSA-Central Division DEVELOPMENT (DEVO) TEAM is to provide a clear path and quality coaching to enable young ski jumpers to move competitively from the local club level to the divisional level. It is the team’s aim to provide this training in a positive, healthy and effective manner so as to retain these athletes in this sport.

Your skier will be coached during the year by one of several qualified ski jumping coaches who has experience with this sport both as an athlete and a coach. The goal first and foremost is to provide quality coaching and fun training opportunities, taking advantage of our Divisions many venues and competitive opportunities. Ultimately, our hope is that some may develop into future skiers whose focus is to train at the Division’s top level for national and international competition and team selection.

Program Highlights

The Devo team is open to all Central Division ski jumpers who are capable of jumping hills K46 meters or larger. This team is designed for serious junior-level ski jumpers interested in competing throughout the Division (MN, WI, IL, MI), with expectations of competing in out of division tournaments.

Benefits include...

  • Coaches oversee all training and development activities along with coaching at every Central tournament.
  • Fees are $600/year* (June 1 – May 31) maximum of 2 skiers fees per family.
  • Not required to pay coaching fees for division tournaments (Savings of $35/day)
  • Discount on out-of-division tournament coaching fees ($20/Day vs $45/Day - Savings of $25/Day)**
  • Team Clothing To show off your Team Pride


If your jumper is not currently jumping on a K46 or higher hill at the start of the season, but feel that she/he will be jumping at that level during the season, please be aware of a couple points,

1) If a jumper wants to compete one or two times on a hill larger than K46, they need to get their coaches & parents approval first and they would have to pay the non-devo coaching fee for that event.

2) At the USSA Congress held in 2015, the Coaches Committee discussed and recommended to the Sport Committee that athletes should only move up one class above their actual age group. At this time, this is still just a recommendation and not a rule. The Coaches Committee is looking for feedback so if you have any, feel free to contact your Devo Team coach. The Coaches Committee feels strongly that we should not have an open door policy for kids to compete as they wish in many age classes above their own class. With feedback, it is possible this will become a rule in the future. (Most European clubs enforce this rule & have stronger programs.)

Payment Schedule

$300.00 when signing up, $300.00 by Dec 30th.  If fees are not paid by December 30th, there will be a late fee of $10.  Please note that we will not allow anyone to join the devo team for the 2017-18 season after January 15th, unless a jumper switches to the K46 hills or larger during the season.  Athletes who are already on those hills will need to join the team by the Jan. 15th date.

* Fee Exception: there is NO fee exception.

** Jumpers interested in traveling out of division will incur other expenses for housing, hill fees, etc.

All Team Members must download and sign the Code of Conduct and Waiver in order to be accepted into the Devo Program. Please mail forms and payments to:

Central Division Devo Program
C/O Tami Jastrow
E3366 Benrud Ln
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Any questions please contact Tami Jastrow at (715-379-8649) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download a pdf version of the code of conduct to sign & mail

Download a pdf version of the Waiver & Release of Liability to sign & mail