• Nita Englund
  • Michael Glasder
  • Cara Larson
  • Kevin Bickner
  • Anna Hoffmann
  • Hunter Gibson
  • Ben Loomis
  • David Edlund
  • Central Skier of the Year - Nita Englund
  • Central Skier of the Year - Michael Glasder
  • Junior Female Skier of the Year - Cara Larson
  • Male Skier of the Year - Kevin Bickner
  • Most Improved Junior Female Skier - Anna Hoffmann
  • Most Improved Male Junior Skier - Hunter Gibson
  • Male Nordic Combined Skier of the Year - Ben Loomis
  • Master Skier of the Year - David Edlund

2018 Tri-Norse Rescheduled

 We are pleased to announce a reschedule of the Tri-Norse 86th annual ski jumping tournament, Badger State Games and Nordic Combined for Saturday February 17th in Wisconsin Rapids. All prior registration rules apply set in place for our January 12 and 13th tournament. Start will be at noon. Early registration  encouraged by the 14th of February online for discounted rate.  We are only waiting for additional snow . Also we are waiting  to get approval for a sanctioned event on the 55m , but will have a tournament, conditions permitting either way. Further details coming.

2018 Winter Central Division Schedule

2017-2018 Central Division Schedule


Date             Location                       EVENT


December 7-8     Whistler Olympic Park                FIS Ladies & Mens Comp

December 30-31   Park City, UT                          Olympic Trials*/JR Worlds Trials

December 30      Minneapolis Ski Club                  Comp (All Hills) JNQ/JNQNC

December 31      St Paul Ski Club                           Comp (All Hills)

December 31      St Paul Ski Club                       NATIONAL MASTER’S CHAMPIONSHIPS

(USA Ski & Snowboard membership mandatory for Master Jumpers

when competing on the 46m)


January 6         Snowflake Ski Club                   Comp (K5, K10, K20, K40, K65) JNQ

January 7         Flying Eagles Ski Club                Comp (K7, K15, K30)

January 12        Tri-Norse Ski Club                    Badger State Games (All Hills)

January 13        Tri-Norse Ski Club                    Comp (All Hills) JNQNC

January 14        Blackhawk Ski Club                   Comp (All Hills)–JNQNC/ALTN-JNQ

January 19        Silver Mine Invitational              US Cup Comp-K90

January 20       Silver Mine Invitational               5 Hills Comp-K90

January 23       Ishpeming Ski Club                    5 Hills, US Cup Comp–Suicide Hill

January 27       Norge Ski Club                         Comp (All Hills) JNQ

January 28       Norge Ski Club                         5 Hills, US Cup Comp-K70

January 30       Minneapolis Ski Club                  5 Hills, US Cup Comp-K70


February 2       Snowflake Ski Club                    5 Hills, US Cup Comp-K120

February 3       Snowflake Ski Club                    Comp-K120

February 4       Iola Winter Sports Club              Comp (All Hills) ALTN JNQ/JNQNC

February 10      Ishpeming Ski Club                    Jr Comp (All Hills except Suicide K90)

February 10-11   Iron Mountain/Kiwanis               COC Comp K120

February 17-18   Brattleboro, VT                        Comp K90

February 18      Cameron Ski Club                      Comp K10

February 25      Itasca Ski Club                        Comp (no K60 comp)

February 20-24  Anchorage, AK                         2018 Jr National Championships


JNQ is a Junior National Qualifier

JNQNC is a Junior National Qualifier - Nordic Combined

ALTN is an Alternate Qualifier



Women's Nordic Combined added to FIS Continental Cup Schedule

Park City, Utah – US Ski & Snowboard excitedly announced that the inaugural Women’s Nordic Combined National Championships will be contested in Lake Placid, NY alongside their male counterparts on October 7th, 2017.

The announcement comes on the heels of a week of discussions at the USA Nordic spring meetings that included the importance of the addition of Women’s Nordic Combined. The timing coincides with international initiatives in the sport, like the inclusion of Women’s Nordic Combined on the upcoming seasons of the FIS Continental Cup schedule.

The addition of the Women’s event to national and international calendars has definitely been a goal for USA Nordic; “We are committed to keeping up and, to the best of our resources, staying ahead of the world as this event makes its debut at the senior level,” said USA Nordic’s Executive Director Billy Demong.

Demong, known as a pioneer in his own right as America’s first (and to date, only) Olympic Gold Medalist in Nordic Skiing, went on to note that “This is an opportunity that we are fully behind. We know that other nations will begin to turn on their funding and that when this becomes an Olympic event everyone will spend resources we can not match. Right now we have the opportunity and responsibility to take athletes like Tara Geraghty-Moats and Gabby Armstrong and develop them into leaders in the sport. It is our job to continue to innovate and support them so that they can lead Women’s Nordic Combined into the future with our crop of upcoming juniors.”

On the news of the sport becoming an official event at U.S. National Championship’s, athletes were ecstatic. Armstrong noted, “I thought I was excited when women’s Ski Jumping was added to the Olympic program, but the progress women’s Nordic Combined has made over the last few years adds a whole new level of excitement for me. I have been training for Nordic Combined since I was ten years old, but have mostly had to compete in Ski Jumping and Cross Country racing as separate sports. I’m just in awe that the sport has come this far; I look forward to jumping and racing with US girls at Nationals!”

Moats shared her long awaited enthusiasm and desire to help lead saying, “For me, the addition of Women’s Nordic Combined to Nationals is proof that if you do what you love with heart, people will notice, and support it. I have always done Nordic Combined but never been able to compete internationally or nationally. I’m so honored to have the USA Nordic community’s support. It will be a dream come true to help develop Women’s Nordic Combined and compete in it.”


USA Nordic Looking for Story Project Submissions


Story Project will again run for the month of December 2017 but we're looking to get the stories in well before then.  EVERYONE who has ever jumped has a story - we want YOURS!  NOW!  (please!)

Please take a moment and share your tale!


Anyone who has ever jumped or parented a jumper or even wanted to jump who has a story to share.


Very simple - keep your story to 3 paragraphs and include a photograph and send it to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The sooner the better!

Thank you!

Jeff Hastings

Curator- 2017 Story Project 

Need some inspiration?  See previous stories at http://usanordicstoryproject.blogspot.com/

Calling All Central Division Photographers!!!

If you take pictures at any Central Events or even at your local club and want to share them with the World, please contact Kris Edlund  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or me for directions on how to upload your photos to our photo sharing site www.centralskijumping.smugmug.com. It is quick and easy and a great way to let everybody enjoy your photos.

If you are just interested in looking, please feel free.  All photos can be quickly (and for free!) downloaded to your own hard drive.  We are lucky enough to  have several great photographers that upload their photos after almost every event, but we would love to have more.

Sue Kavanagh of Coleraine and Kris have already posted a ton of great shots from Mpls and St Paul's tournaments this past week-end.   IT is very easy to skim thru the photos and pick out your skier.

Again if you need help with the site, please contact Kris or me.

Karyl Loomis