• Nita Englund
  • Michael Glasder
  • Cara Larson
  • Kevin Bickner
  • Anna Hoffmann
  • Hunter Gibson
  • Ben Loomis
  • David Edlund
  • Central Skier of the Year - Nita Englund
  • Central Skier of the Year - Michael Glasder
  • Junior Female Skier of the Year - Cara Larson
  • Male Skier of the Year - Kevin Bickner
  • Most Improved Junior Female Skier - Anna Hoffmann
  • Most Improved Male Junior Skier - Hunter Gibson
  • Male Nordic Combined Skier of the Year - Ben Loomis
  • Master Skier of the Year - David Edlund

Minneapolis Minnesota Classic Winter Tournament Cancelled



Season shutdown?!?! Unfortunately, it looks as if we'll need to shut down the ski jumps for the season. We tried whipping the hills into shape and we got close - but no cigar! Not enough snow made in advance to keep things skiing safely. So this likely draws a close to our 2016/2017 season... stay tuned as all 3 of our starter jumps will be operational around June with synthetic surface for summer ski jumping!

Six central skiers named to Worlds Teams

The Loomis brothers, Nita England, Kevin Bickner, Michael Glasder & Casey Larson were all named to the USA Nordic World teams.  For more information, check out the article here.